Use PowerShell to Find the Logon User for Scheduled Tasks and Services on the Network

Today, you have to change the domain administrator password for your network. No big deal, right? That is, until you realize that you have scheduled tasks and services that run under that account. Sure, you can log into each server individually and check each and every scheduled task and service. If you have a large network, that won’t be practical. Enter, PowerShell.

How Not to Build a Gaming PC

A quick search on Google on “how to build a gaming PC” yields thousands of results. Rarely do people talk about what not to do when building a PC for gaming. Today, i talk about some of the mistakes often made by n00b computer builders.

Image courtesy of Lee Royal.

Technoholic’s Anonymous

Do you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by the ever connected world? Do you think the phrase “digital detox” is overused? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, this is the post for you. I promise, this will have fewest steps to recovery.

Apple Kool-Aid

The Mac Experiment

In my line of work, I get to support many users on many different environments. This includes Mac OSX. Today, I answer the burning question: what happens when you plop a Mac in front of a 20 year Windows user?

How Safe is

Is a reliable source for popular apps or a cesspool of bloatware? A lot of times, free software comes bundled with other trial software. This serves to help put some money in the pockets of developers who create the free software. Today, I spin up a virtual machine and see what happens when I install the top 10 apps on